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Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Keeping commercial premises clean is no easy feat, and that’s why we have put together a resource list of maintenance and cleaning services in Newcastle to help you stay on top of things. Much like a household, your business space requires constant attention to keep things sparkling.

From a commercial cleaner’s perspective, we’ve seen all kinds of businesses, in all kinds of states. We understand how important it is to present a clean, professional environment for employees, customers, clients and other stakeholders for the ongoing success of your business.

The motivation for calling in expert maintenance and cleaning services to maintain a tidy premises can vary depending on the circumstances and the situation, but often includes:

Improving the visual appeal of your office or business

  • A lease agreement expiring
  • Selling a business premises
  • Renovating or redecorating
  • Water damage
  • General upkeep
  • Adhering to company policy &
  • OHS regulations

To help you make the process as simple as possible, we have put together a list of some of Newcastle’s commercial cleaners, waste management companies and pest control services that will help keep your commercial space in tip-top shape:

Carpet Cleaners


Electrodry are a team of Newcastle cleaning experts, that have built a strong reputation for servicing the local region. Check out their website – it’s easy to navigate and you can book online. Electrodry focus on a range of cleaning areas including; carpet, upholstery, leather, tiles and grout.


Dryology are your go-to guys when things are looking worse for wear. They are water damage experts, so if you have had trouble with some unexpected moisture, give Dryology a call.

Waste Management

Tip Top’n’Tidy

These days there is absolutely no excuse for not recycling, whether it’s in your own household or in a commercial sense. The team at Tip Top’n’Tidy are 100% Australian owned and operated, and are ready to collect recycling and waste from your business.

Hunter Resource Recovery

The amount of electronic equipment we consumer these days is mind blowing. It’s important to consider where all this e-waste goes once it becomes obsolete and is replaced by the latest model. HRR provide a free e-waste drop off recycling service, so you can make sure your old computers and printers don’t end up in landfill.

Window Cleaners


Ottra are dedicated to window cleaning and have the equipment and experience to deal with difficult access areas of your business. Everything they do is 100% workcover approved. Plus, Ottra use a unique water-fed pole system to maximise efficiency and minimise setup time on buildings with windows up to 18 metres high.

Clearview Window Cleaning

Don’t neglect those dirty windows around your office or commercial space. Hard to reach windows are best left to the experts, for safety reasons of course, but also for the quality of work you can expect from Clearview Window Cleaning Services

Pest Control

Newcastle Pest Control

Newcastle Pest Control is a local team that can do a full assessment of your property and implement a pest control plan accordingly. Newcastle Pest Control is reasonably priced and offer prices based on the level and extent of the service you are after. You can book online through their website.

Amalgamated Pest Control

Sometimes it’s the things you can see that are what is really making your business unclean. Make sure you stay on top of your pest control obligations and have regular inspection and treatments as required. The health concerns alone should be enough to keep you vigilant, but if you need some more motivation, the fines in place from local council might help!

Property Maintenance

TSR Commercial Property Maintenance

TSR can provide a comprehensive range of solutions to service commercial properties throughout Newcastle, the Hunter and Central Coast including concreting and repairs, block work and garden maintenance.

Armstrong Property Maintenance

Armstrong is capable of just about any service your property requires. Plenty of handyman expertise and general upkeep on offer here, so you know your property will stay safe and look good.

We hope this list will help the business owners and managers of the Newcastle region to build some great relationships with service providers to keep their properties looking fantastic.

If you have any questions regarding any of the commercial cleaning services that we offer here at Adamstown Cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.