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Medical Suites Cleaning

Medical Suites Cleaning

With over 20 years’ experience in medical cleaning, we understand the unique needs and nature that this area presents. We know the importance to your business of clean and well maintained facilities, to build the confidence of your customers and help to ensure the safe and smooth running of your business.

Adamstown Cleaning Service currently maintains a range of medical facilities, from small consultation rooms to large medical centres and operating theatres. We tailor our approach to your needs; whether you’re looking for general cleaning of administration areas and waiting rooms, to the more specialised cleaning of procedures spaces, we have systems in place to ensure your piece of mind and satisfaction. Including:

  • Emergency cleans carried out when you require them; generally within one hour of notification, or 24 hours for less urgent matters
  • Colour coding of equipment for maximum efficiency and peace of mind
  • Varied cleaning schedules; our service is available 7 days a week. As a result, we are able to manage your cleaning needs by setting a frequency that suits you and arranging periodic jobs, such as floor buffing, carpet steam cleaning and window cleaning within that schedule.
  • Out of hours work; we organise routine cleaning to occur outside of your operating hours, to minimise the disturbance to your business

Our staff is trained to work on your site in the safest manor possible, and does so with the aim of maintaining your security protocols at all times. They have experience and training with alarm systems and are all bound to, and respectful of confidentiality.

To achieve the greatest consistency possible, our rostering procedure keeps the same people on your site, we believe that this helps to maintain an efficient and secure environment in your business. The emphasis of our operations is quality and customer satisfaction; in addition to contact with our office and manager, you will receive visits from our quality control officer, who is happy to speak with you about any changes or improvements we can make.

The quality control officer also carries out site inspections to ensure that all of our cleaning responsibilities are seen to appropriately. In addition to this, you will receive a communication booklet, which allows direct contact between you and your cleaners.